Technical Information

Street Performance/Track Tuned (S/T) - This compound has a friction level above OE, increasing with heat, and with better torque and stopping capability. It is very stable, both cold and hot to temperatures exceeding 450 C (842 F), due to a special "hollow" ceramic structure that exhibits excellent heat dissipation characteristics. Constrained layer noise shims minimize possibility of noise under all driving conditions. Improved pedal feel and reduced dust can be expected after fully bedded.

S/T compound features:

- Very linear braking, consistent torque, stopping ability & temperature stability; very good fade resistance; long life, rotor friendly, low dust/ noise;

- Excellent for daily street use as well as AutoX, and HPDE.

Cool Carbon™ Performance S/T Compound Test Data

S/T Plus Compound

  • Higher friction level than S/T  with a GG rating.

  • Developed to fill the gap between entry-level performance pads and competition pads.

  • Better stopping power  while still doubling as a well mannered street pad.

  • New formulation with Twaron aramid content in the composite (greater thermal stability and durability)

  • Dedicated manufacturing facility using  proprietary processing-- including unique curing  plus triple scorching (faster bedding)

  • Increased torque/bite, greater linear stability and longer wear compared to S/T.

  • Generally lower noise and dust compared to high performance alternatives

  • Formulated to handle performance tires.


 Cool Carbon™ Performance S/T Plus Compound Test Data

Cool Carbon™ Performance S/T Plus Compound Test Graph


Cool Carbon™  Performance brake pads deliver pure undiluted performance