About Cool Carbon Performance

Cool Carbon™ Performance is a company owned and operated by enthusiasts offering products developed for enthusiasts to enjoy.  With well over 50 years of combined expertise and extensive experience with club, track and racing events (we also drive on the street), it became obvious that a strong need existed for a new reference in performance braking.

This need, quite similar to one that existed during the early 90’s, caused us to initiate a resurrection process, intended to create new leading edge products that would fill these gaps, not only for street/track (S/T) usage, but as well for even greater improved performance with S/T PLUS.

Our philosophy: utilize the latest technology in materials science and manufacturing methods to provide our customer with the absolute best overall performance in every category. 

All Cool Carbon™ products have undergone extensive development and rigorous dynamometer and vehicle testing in Germany and in the US. However, we know that graphs represent only a small window into the actual braking and performance characteristics of any product. 

What we do offer is exceptional performance covering formulations for both street/track (S/T) and also for S/T PLUS offering even higher

We believe that once you have experienced the unique performance of our formulas that there will be no reservations as to the superiority of the Cool Carbon product line.